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Me & James Patterson

The relationship that changed everything for me, but that he knows nothing about.

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It's never too late to choose who you will become. (4).png

I've been publishing young adult fiction since 2011 as Ali Cross (my real name). Things were going well, and by 2020, if you Googled me, you'd find the first five pages filled almost entirely with information about me and my books. 

In December of 2020, James Patterson released the first book of his new series, Ali Cross. It's the story of the famous literary character Alex Cross's son, Ali. 
At first, we coexisted just fine one can compete with the machine
the machine that is James Patterson! By the time the second, and then the third
books in the series came out, one Ali Cross was dead, and it wasn't the young detective.

So, I continue to be Ali Cross in my personal life, and since I'd already established a career speaking to writers as myself, I still use it professionally. It's a tad confusing (even to me, sometimes!), but we do the best we can do with the situations we're given, right? Carry on, my friends. Carry on!

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