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A Quick Catch-Up & the Realm Awards

Things have been crazy lately...crazy A W E S O M E, but still. Whew!

  • I've reinstated my Ali Cross persona (speaking, teaching, nonfiction); and my StoryNinja self (education and assistance for writers).

  • I taught two classes and led two first-pages workshops at Storymakers in Provo, Utah earlier this month.

  • I've started a podcast/show! Write4Joy ~ coming soon! I've started doing interviews and building a catalog before I start releasing. It's totally fun so far!

  • The Minnie Kim audiobooks are almost complete! Den of Death is in production NOW!

  • Oh! And I'm happily moving along in my next book. I'm hesitant to say what it is, just because I haven't had a good track record of staying on task for the last year. Let me get further along, before I tell you more.

  • And...::drumroll:: I'm a finalist for the Realm Awards in the YA category! Huzzah!

The Realm Award Medal


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