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Fingers Crossed for FanX!

Salt Lake City has their own "ComicCon"—FanX—that I've been attending since it started. I love sitting on panels there and talking nerdy stuff with the fans and other creators. I've never pitched my own panel ideas, though, so—it was time I did!

Alice vs. Claire

I pitched a panel for discussing who was a better protagonist and more likely to give the Umbrella Corp a kick in the teeth—Alice from the first 6 movies, or Claire from the reboot.

I think this panel could be super fun, and would be a great way to bring the game and the movies together as both could be discussed. Personally, I'm a Milla Jovovich fan all the way.

Pandemic Movies Wins and Fails

David and I have talked a LOT about this phenomenon—those movies that came mid-to late pandemic with one or very limited casts. Think of Finch with Tom Hanks, or even Everything Everywhere All at Once. Plus a couple dozen terrible others.

The Multiverse!

By the time FanX happens, the company David works for will be selling Multiverse domains to the public, but I'll get to test it out months beforehand. Like, any day now, I should get access to my own domain. (I don't know what they're calling the worlds/venues/whatever.)

I can't tell you how freakin' excited I am about the multiverse! I can imagine lots of fun things to do with it. Like, book club, author meet-and-greets, writing conferences and so much more!

By the time the Con roles around, I think the general public should have some things to say about it, too. Fingers crossed for this one!

Save the Cat

I haven't had the chance to teach an actual class at FanX before, but it would be fun! I love teaching Save the Cat so it would be a huge win for me!

Writing these out, altogether like this, makes me hope all of them get picked up! I'd have to do some research for the Resident Evil one, and watch some bad movies to refresh my memory for the pandemic movie one, but hey. That's the kind of research I can get behind!

So...Would you attend any of these panels/classes?


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