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Hello, World!

I'm so excited to be here and to have this fresh start. I love fresh starts! Mondays, the first of the month, New Year's Eve day...I love them all. Every new day is a chance to be better. To do better.

One beginning I don't like so much? The first page of a new story. Don't ask me why - it's just scary that first time. Even when I have a strong sense for a story, that first page threatens to judge me if I get it wrong.

Sure, I can always revise, but there's just something about getting it right, there at the beginning.

So I'm excited to be here, to be writing this first blog post on this new website, but I'm also a little nervous. What if you don't like me? What if I say the wrong thing? Or my content is boring?

So many what-if's and all there is to do is begin and do my best. If you've found me, thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy what you find here!


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