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I'm a SciFi Fan. Are You?

I am loving all the science fiction stuff going on right now. From the shows like Foundation to the movies like Dune and...MY book! I recently signed a contract with a publisher for a young adult science fiction I call Dragon Protocol. I need to cut 30k words from it though. Oy! Can you imagine? Before now, I'd never written a book over a hundred thousand, and this one's 127,000k words long!

I grew up on science fiction. My oldest brother, Richard, was the biggest influence on me when it came to books, and he gave me Asimov, Bradbury and Heinlein. I watched Doctor Who and Star Trek on TV, and then Star Wars came out when I was ten years old and blew the whole world wide open.

Those stories convinced me that anything truly was possible, and even growing up hasn't changed my mind. Sure, when I was a kid, I was positive we'd have flying cars by 2020, so that's a bit of a disappointment, but the realm of possibilities lives on in my head and in the heads of so many writers. And man, it's a beautiful thing!

In my Dragon Protocol world, I've reimagined the way we procreate in order to eradicate racial differences. I've imagined a new world, where an alien race colonizes by spreading a pathogen that either kills--leaving the world ready to receive them--or transforms the original creature into one of the colonizing creatures. And of course I have nanotechnology and androids and, and, and...all kinds of awesomeness!

And, of course, dragons. :)


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