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New Minnie Books!

Ahh. I’ve finally returned to writing and it feels so good! It’s been months since I wrote anything, and there’s always this little fear in the back of my mind that I’ve somehow forgotten how to write or that I just won’t know what to say. Starting is always hard for me. It’ll probably be another few days before I find my flow, but the hard part is over. The story has been started.

It’s weird though because I don’t have a title for this story. Usually I know the title of something before I’ve even fully conceptualized the story. It occurred to me that not know the title might have been contributing to my reluctance to get started.

So I’ve been messing around with it a bit, and I think I’ve got them. Tell me what you think—nothing’s set in stone (or printed on a cover), yet!

Series Title: Minnie Kim: Master of Vampires

1: The Vampire Pact

2: Viral Violence

3: The Grey Guard

4: Ultimate Betrayal

5: The Council of Vampires

So? Do you like ‘em? Or should I try again?


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