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Two Overused Character Quirks

(That drive me insane)

There are a billion ways to make a character unique, so why do so many characters bite their lips or chew the inside of their cheeks? I swear, I might start pulling out my hair if I read of another character doing that. I mean, how often do you...

Bite your lip?

Or chew the inside of your cheek?

I mean, really. And even if you DO do those things, do you do them all the time? Every time you're thinking? Every time you don't know what to say? I doubt it!

I feel like both of these quirks have been used a lot lately in the books I've read and it's been noticeable and annoying. Please tell me I'm not alone?!

I find a bunch of lists of quirks online—there's absolutely zero reason to use these overused ones. Maybe you can help me out, too. Tell me what unique quirks you have, and maybe I'll use them for one of my characters!

p.s. Check in on Wednesday for the Dragon Protocol cover reveal! I can't wait to show you!



*just a few more days left*

And this new one!


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